Van Nuys, CA

Age: 28
HT: 5’2” WT: 173Ibs
Occupation: Event Planner and Receptionist at Trees N’ Things

Age: 37
HT: 5’3” WT: 195Ibs
Occupation: Family Support Coordinator at Jay Nolan Community Services

Ikiya and Kim are an outgoing, warm, loving and genuine couple. They met seven years ago online and have only grown closer since. Ikiya decided to propose to Kim during a cruise to Mexico. What she didn’t know was that Kim was planning a surprise proposal for Ikiya as well! After much confusion, Ikiya’s surprise proposal came first and she swept Kim off her feet with an emphatic “Yes!” They have been engaged for a year and a half and are planning a small, intimate ceremony at the L.A. Japanese Gardens. Weight and issues surrounding food have been lifelong struggles for both women. Kim was athletic in school. She played basketball and softball and she continues to play women’s tackle football to this day. Kim never envisioned her self as anything but stocky and thick, but recently her portions have increased and her activity level has diminished. She is now bigger than she is comfortable with. Ikiya feels embarrassed and unattractive in her body. She eats because she is ashamed of her body and food makes her feel better about herself: a viscous cycle that both women are victims of. Ikiya tends to lean towards being anti-social due to her insecurities. More often than not she chooses to stay in and not live life to her full potential. Both Kim and Ikiya have tried diet and exercise plans but they never seem to stay on course because they distract and derail one another’s progress.

Ikiya was told by her doctor that if she didn’t start get her health in check that she could easily develop high blood pressure and respiratory issues. Ikiya was never an active person growing up and has only been inside of a gym a hand full of times. She needs help big time knowing how to exercise. Kim on the other hand is scared that the older she gets the harder it will be to lose  the weight. She feels the pressure of a ticking clock counting down the minutes of a healthy life. Both Kim and Ikiya want the chance to have a healthy marriage and be free of body image issues. They also don’t want their weight to hold them back from the things that they love like travel and exploration. They both lack direction and know-how, but Kim and Ikiya are more than ready to tackle whatever challenges lie between them and fitness.