Sierra Madre, Ca/ Walnut, Ca

Age: 27
HT: 5’2” WT: 225Ibs
Occupation: Sample Doll Clothes Creator for Hasbro
Location: Sierra Madre, CA

Age: 31
HT: 6’2” WT: 268
Occupation: Financial Counselor for Savifi Student Loans
Location: Walnut, CA

Alexandria (Alex) and Robert met ten years ago while they were volunteering at the Medieval Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Although they had instant chemistry they were both in a committed relationship at the time and couldn’t pursue one another. However, they reconnected years later while they both worked at Disneyland. Robert planned a whimsical, surprise proposal at the same renaissance faire that they had originally met at. They even had the local King and Queen in on the act! The cute couple is planning their “Geek Chic,” wedding at a hotel shaped like a castle complete with homages to their favorite “nerdy” fandoms. This is a truly happy-go-lucky couple in love, but it isn’t always rainbows and castles…

Both Alexandria and Robert have struggled with weight since they were young. From an early age, Alexandria has battled teasing and bullying. She vividly remembers being picked on at school because of her weight. What’s worse, Alex comes from a family with a history of obesity. She remembers being embarrassed of her mother’s size, and didn’t like to be seen in public with her mom: a fate that she desperately wants to avoid when she eventually becomes a mom. These experiences have left Alexandria with body insecurities, low self-esteem, and low confidence. These insecurities have played a major role in her relationship with Robert. Although it’s petty and paranoid, she fears that he might leave her for a skinnier girl. Unfortunately, in the past Alexandria was dumped by an ex-boyfriend who chose a smaller girl over her. Robert therefore has to constantly prove his commitment to her.

Robert has always been a bigger kid. Coming from a large, mixed-race Asian family, Robert was always encouraged to eat and explore all types of food. The problem, however, is that young Robert was never limited or told when to stop eating. He used to love taking part in martial arts, but now finds that he is too big and doesn’t have enough energy to participate. Now, Robert is almost at his highest weight and worries that he can’t get it under control. A sedentary desk job, lengthy work shifts, and a long commute have all contributed to his weight. He has also never lost his adventurous foodie nature. Both Robert and Alex find food to be a comfort, a celebration and a reward. Sugar is Alex’s Achilles’ heel. Robert’s doctor has warned him of high-blood pressure and other weight-related issues. Alexandria is terrified that she will always be overweight and that she will suffer the same fate as her morbidly obese mother. Both Alexandria and Robert are ready to take their life back and make fitness and health a priority. They want to say farewell to crippling self-doubt and instead embrace a positive and healthy perspective. Alexandria and Robert want to lose weight in order to one day be active and vibrant parent’s and role models for their future children. Losing weight in time for their wedding will help this couple break through their struggles with fitness and insecurity.