North Hills, Ca

Age: 44
HT: 6’1” WT: 350Ibs
Occupation: Apple Genius Technician
Age: 47
HT: 6’ WT: 266lbs
Occupation: Currently Unemployed (Spent 16 years at Guitar Center as an analyst, pursuing work in the same field)


Doug and Steven met through a gay dating app for larger gay men. It took about one year for Steve to realize that he was head over heels for Doug and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him by his side. For the last two years Doug has taken part in a 7 day, five hundred mile, bicycle ride called Aids Life Cycle that takes place between San Francisco and Los Angeles. During the most recent ride, Steven met Doug at the finish line and surprised him with a ring. It was an emotional moment filled with joy, and excitement for their future together. The couple is planning a casual California themed wedding with family and friends. Weight has always been an issue for Doug and Steve. Eight years ago Doug was over 500lbs. He was sadly kicked off an airplane because of his size and at that moment he resolved he needed to make a change. Doug proceeded to lose 200lbs through diet and exercise.  Although Doug has come a long way, he still has a lot of work to do. Friends and family have suggested gastric-pass but he refuses surgery as he believes that he needs to lose weight in a natural way.

Steven has always been a bigger guy with an addictive personality. Food has always been a comfort and a weakness for him (the greasier and saltier food the better). Steve admits that he has no self-control surrounding food and he often eats due to feelings of insecurity. Both Doug and Steve are noticing that their weight is affecting their health. They are both terribly afraid of contracting diabetes and falling prey to a shortened life expectancy. Both Doug and Steve are making an effort to better themselves health-wise but old habits die hard. They are each other’s worst enemies who allow one another to make poor food choices. They are starting to experience the benefits of an active lifestyle but they need help with structure and a proper nutritional program. Both Steve and Doug feel that the time is now to finally lose the weight not only for themselves but for each other. Losing weight for the wedding will mean a new chapter for their relationship with an improved sense of self for both partners.