Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

Age: 21
HT: 5’3 180lbs
Sales Manager At Sunglasses Hut- Finishing Her Undergraduate Degree in June

Age: 23
HT: 6’1” WT: 245lbs
Sr. Game Advisor At Game Stop- Applying To Teaching Masters Programs

Although they went to high school together, Makenna and Aaron didn't actually meet one another until college. They swapped digits at a birthday party and have been inseparable ever since. Aaron proposed to Makenna at the picturesque Kensington Gardens in London, England, which took her by surprise and swept Makenna off her feet. The couple is planning a modern and rustic themed wedding to celebrate their love with their close family and friends. Growing up, Makenna and Aaron were both very athletic: she ran track, he played soccer and they both were on the water polo team in high school and in college. However, once they stopped playing sports and they moved in together their physical activity level began to change and their weight started to increase. Graduating from college, pressures of a transition into adult life and the ability to feed off one another’s bad eating habits have all created a downward spiral of eating, weight gain and negative self-image. They both feel themselves withdrawing from activities that once gave them joy because they can’t physically engage in the way they once did. Aaron and Makenna are both suffering from insecurities related to their overweight bodies. Makenna compares herself to her fit family and friends and feels ashamed of how she looks, claiming that she isn’t beautiful. She acutely feels pressure to fit a an ideal beauty standard. Their weight issues are therefore affecting their relationship in a way that they shouldn’t be for a couple that is so young.

Aaron hopes to one day be a high school history teacher but he doesn’t want to be overweight and a bad role model for his future students. Makenna is a freelance theatre scenic designer that works with tools, paints and other various equipment that requires her to be on her feet and hyper focused. She doesn’t want her weight to hold her back from potential job opportunities that are too demanding for her physically. Both Aaron and Makenna feel that they are way too young to start their lives with such terrible habits and they want to get their weight under control now before it becomes a serious problem in the future. They can’t wait to slim down and say I do to one another. They are ready now more than ever.