Van Nuys, Ca

Age: 33
HT: 5’4” WT: 240Ibs
Occupation: Accountant At Star Power Generators

Age: 31
HT: 6’2” WT: 250Ibs
Occupation: CBRN at California Army National Guard/Medical Assistant With UCLA Medical Center/Stadium Operations Assistant at L.A. Dodgers

Tracy and Bruce serendipitously met online. They were taken by one another’s profiles and decided to meet in person. Although Bruce was over an hour late for the first date (he blames traffic on the 405) the two have been inseparable ever since. Bruce proposed to Tracy on Thanksgiving Day 2016 in front of Tracy’s family and closest friends. Knowing the way to Tracy’s heart, Bruce delicately placed the engagement ring on top of a piece of pumpkin pie and presented her with his dessert laden proposal. They are planning a small country themed wedding with close friends and relatives. Weight has always been an issue for both Tracy and for Bruce. Due to terrible self-care spurred by insecurities and a sedentary lifestyle, Tracy at one point found herself at 300Ibs. At that time she saw an image of herself that made her decide to never again get that big. She proceeded to lose 50lbs through simple diet and exercise. Tracy is now stuck at 250lbs and can’t seem to lose any more weight. Living together, Tracy and Bruce tend to encourage each other’s terrible eating habits. Common meals include fast-food, ribs, high amounts of carbs and decadent desserts. Bruce attributes his weight gain to stress and several military deployments to the Middle East. While working long, late and sedentary shifts Bruce would indulge in unhealthy American and Middle-Eastern foods. Now back in the U.S. Bruce is paying the price for his unhealthy habits. Working in the Army National Guard, Bruce has a specific weight and physical standard that he must adhere to in order to keep his job. He constantly compares himself to his more fit colleagues and feels shame surrounding his body and physical ability—especially because he doesn’t project the image of the ideal, American soldier.

Tracy currently has high-blood pressure, which can be managed and lessened should she lose weight. Bruce has a family history of obesity. His dad was once 600Ibs and died from weight related complications. Bruce has promised himself he would never become his father. Both Tracy and Bruce want to lose weight in order to start a family in a healthy way, free from disease and insecurities. Losing weight in time for their wedding would symbolize a fresh and healthy start to a long life together.