Mission Hills, CA

Age: 43
HT: 5’8” WT: 285lbs
Occupation: Unemployed-Transitioning Careers

Age: 37
HT: 5’9” WT: 390lbs
Occupation: Marketing Specialist at Guitar Center

Nima and Michelle’s romance was spurred by each of them swiping right on Tindr. The two matched and shared a romantic first date at the L.A. Zoo. The couple was engaged on Persian New Years on a bench directly across the street from the venue that their wedding would eventually take place in. Nima loves Michelle’s unconditional love and support and Michelle finds solace in his unwavering romance. The two are planning on a Persian themed wedding reception, as Nima’s family is of Persian decent. Michelle attributes her weight gain to when her dad died as well as to a string of bad relationships and low-self esteem. Overeating and lack of exercise has always been the direct cause of Nima’s obesity. He eats when he is bored, tired, angry, sad or for any other reason. Both Nima and Michelle admit that they rarely eat because they are hungry. What’s even worse is the type and amount of food that they are consuming. It’s almost all fast food and junk food. Struggling with weight as a child, Nima remembers seeing his grandmother drinking Slim-Fast and thinking how lucky she was to be able to have chocolate for lunch. Seeing his whole family struggle with weight Nima feels like a failure that has surrendered to an unhealthy family destiny.

Michelle was able to lose 100lbs five years ago through pure will power and motivation. She has since gained it back, enabled by Nima and her own poor choices. She now suffers self-esteem issues and feels that overall her weight is holding her back from experiencing life. Nima finds that he is moving slower than he would like, he is tired all the time and even walking a mile makes him winded. He’s tried Weight Watchers, Slim-Fast, Atkins and the South Beach Diet, but without the exercise component Nima has never been able to lose weight. He is also in denial about how big he is. In order to lose weight, Nima needs to first admit that he has a very serious problem. Nima believes that he has never found true love until meeting Michelle. He wants to lose weight in order to be around to share his life with the woman he loves. Michelle wants to grow old with Nima and one day start a family of their own. Losing weight in time for their wedding will help them realize their dreams together.