Los Angeles (Mid-City), CA

Age: 40
HT: 5’4” WT: 250lbs
Occupation: SR. HR Recruitment Consultant at Cedars Sinai

Age: 31
HT: 6’4” WT: 298lbs
Occupation: General Manager at IMAX VR Experience

Danielle and Charlie met through pure chance by way of mutual friends at a restaurant downtown. Danielle appeared stressed so Charlie bought her a mint julep. The couple says that they then literally fell in love over a pork chop as food and drink has always been a unifier in their relationship. They are now planning to serve mint juleps at their wedding. They are planning a small romantic evening with immediate family and friends full of good food, good drinks and good music. Danielle has been overweight her entire life. As a child her mother used to tell her that if she, “just lost a few pounds,” that she would be a knockout. That pressure and sentiment has always stuck and has since left Danielle feeling like she could never be pretty or thin enough. Danielle works in the upper echelon of human resources for one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country: Cedars Sinai. She feels that she is misrepresenting her occupation’s brand of health by being as unhealthy and as overweight as she is. Charlie has always been passionate about food. He served as a chef and restaurant consultant for nearly tens years. During that time his life and profession was centered in the culinary world, which although was great professionally it didn’t do his waistline any favors. Charlie has since transitioned into a sedentary upper management position. Charlie constantly feels that his professionalism and work ethic is called into question based on his appearance. He will often try to hide his lack of confidence through humor and a feigned light-hearted attitude.

The couple admits to emotional eating, whether they are happy, sad, bored, tired, or anxious. Now, Charlie and Danielle are also both feeling that their weight is holding them back from living the life that would like to. Swimming, going to the beach, riding bicycles and even climbing the stairs at work are all daily struggles. Danielle and Charlie want to learn a healthy and positive relationship with food that can still be one of celebration but one that is incorporated into their lives in a healthy way. Charlie and Danielle are a smart, professional and successful couple that is so very close to achieving the picture-perfect American Dream. By losing weight in time for their wedding will prove that they truly can have it all.