Newhall, Ca

Age: 28

HT: 5’7” WT: 283lbs
ation: Unemployed- Former Import/Export Analyst For K-Swiss (Currently taking time off to focus on her health)

Age: 29
HT: 6’1” WT: 286lbs
pation: Sales Representative For Pepsi Co.

Joshua and Caitie met at a mutual friend’s wedding three years ago. Caitie tricked Josh into giving her his number as she thought he was super cute. The two are madly in love and very much looking forward to spending their lives together. The couple is planning a “bubbles and blush” themed wedding with plenty of champagne, friends and family. For both Caitie and Joshua weight has always been a struggle. So much so that in 2011 Caitie underwent gastric bypass surgery when she was at 400lbs. She was able to loose nearly 200lbs. However, when she met Joshua the two ended up being terrible health role models for one another and she has since gained 80lbs. Joshua has gained plenty of weight as well. Unfortunately for Joshua he was also at the best shape of his life when he met Caitie. The two use food to celebrate, to emotionally medicate and to show their love for another. They are not active and truly feel that their weight is holding them back from living the lives that they want. They want to be active, travel, see the world, spend time outdoors and take advantage of their lives.

Caitie knows if she doesn’t take control of her weight, eating habits, and overall health she is heading towards a world of pain and suffering. She currently suffers from an auto-immune disease who’s symptoms of migraines and lack of energy can all be significantly reduced by weight-loss. Joshua feels as if he is in the back of the pack at his job because he doesn’t fit the ideal professional image his employers and prospective clients expect of him. He feels that he is passed up for promotions because of his outward appearance. Joshua and Caitie are ready to fight and take back control of their lives. They don’t want to second-guess themselves anymore and are 100% ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle in time for their wedding day.