Age: 35
HT: 5’4 WT: 240lbs
Occupation: Career Services Counselor- Claremont Graduate University

Age: 28
HT: 5’6” 235lbs  
ccupation:  Manager, Int'l Post Production, Asia Pacific and Latin America at Twentieth Century Fox Studios

Theresa and Angel randomly met at an improv show in Boston five years ago. Their silly and bubbly personalities complemented one another perfectly and they've been a loving couple ever since. They are planning a fall wedding with a vintage and casual theme. Both Angel and Theresa have struggled with weight most of their lives. In fact, Theresa grew up as an outsider, feeling that she was never worthy of love. The fact that she is engaged to the love of her life is incredibly profound and meaningful to her because she never thought that it was a possibility because of her weight. Angel and Theresa point to a lifetime of unhealthy habits as the cause of their weight issues. Emotional eating, unhealthy fast foods and lack of exercise all play major factors in their weight gain...not to mention the fact they aren’t doing each other any favors in making healthy choices. Theresa’s doctor has mentioned that she needs to seriously lose weight for various health reasons, especially if she one day wants to have a baby. Both Angel and Theresa come from a family of overweight people, they no longer want to continue that precedent. Angel feels like he has completely failed himself. He has lost his self-confidence that he once had as a former amateur sumo wrestler. Although Angel is motivated to lose weight he is terrified that he is going to fail. Angel truly wants to be the husband, friend and future father that Theresa deserves.

Many people are surprised to learn that Angel speaks four languages fluently. He is incredibly bright and accomplished. However, he feels that most people perceive him to be “fat and un-kept” and therefore irresponsible and lazy at his job which couldn’t be further from the truth. He feels that if he were to lose weight he would be taken more seriously at work. Theresa is incredibly motivated to lose weight in order to one day have a baby and start the family that she has always envisioned for herself. Theresa also wants to lose weight in order to be taken more seriously in her field as an academic. Both Angel and Theresa feel a ticking time clock to make some serious lifestyle changes in time for their wedding day.