Alpine Lake Swimming Pool


Pool Owner: Linda Clark  

Pool Designer/Builder: Mike and Nick Saia, Liquid FX Pools

Location: Valley Springs, CA


·     Alpine lake inspired design and materials

·      Vanishing edge

·      3 natural rock waterfalls

·      Hidden 12-person spa

·      3 miles of plumbing

·      450 tons of natural boulders

·      Abalone and sand grout mix

·      5 tons of steel

·      Nearly 1000ft elevation with incredible hillside views

Linda and her husband are outdoor enthusiasts who love to spend as much time in nature as possible. So when the pair began to imagine building a custom pool, they decided to bring the best of nature into their backyard. By using natural elements including rocks, boulders, shells, plants and sand into a swimming pool, they have blurred the line between “pool” and “pond.”  Linda wanted to have a pool built to look like a lake and Liquid FX are experts in creating pools with a natural feel. The pool is 80 feet by 50 feet and has a smooth transition from the surrounding landscape into the water itself. There are no edges or tile lines in or surrounding the pool and the floor of the pool features two tones of plaster to create realistic dimension. The pool is so realistic that a local owl comes to visit and spend time at their lake pool! There is a 25-foot vanishing edge that flows over creating a seamless view of the rolling hillside. Liquid FX used 3 miles of plumbing, 5 tons of steel and 200 yards of gunite to execute the waterfall mechanism of the pool. Additionally, 450 tons of natural boulders surround the pool, creating its unique rocky aesthetic, informed by nature. The pool also boasts a 12 person spa and 2 natural waterfalls. It’s an incredibly unique pools that conjures the best of the beauty of mother nature will incorporating the conveniences and technology of a modern swimming pool.