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Adina Silberman (27)

Chicago, IL


·      Adina is an outgoing, fun, funny Dentist and mom who learned to cook from her mom and her style comes from her two “Bubbies,” her European-Jewish grandmothers

·      Being that she grew up making Challah every day, that is now one of her signature dishes. She also says people love her latkes, hamentashen that she fills with cookie butter and tahini, homemade lox, honey cookies and her mock chopped liver.

·      She makes a delicious blintze with homemade compote usually from rhubarb or peaches and fresh cheese from the farmer’s market.

·      She says her cooking strengths are the fact that she does well under pressure and doesn’t use recipes.

·      She’s been cooking since she was 4 years old.

·      Her grandfather was a Holocaust survivor, so her family’s biggest Hanukkah tradition is making his famous latkes together in his honor.