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Alan Hilowitz (54)

Hollywood, CA

Head of Communications for a fresh food company 

·      Food has always played a huge role in his life and it's through food that he connected with his Jewish tradition and heritage. 

·      Loves to host "Big Gay Passover," especially because he can bring in people who can be introduced to Jewish tradition through his food. 

·      His grandfather owned a Kosher butcher shop and he worked there as a kid. He knows a good cut of beef when he sees one!

·      His partner is vegetarian, so he has been stepping outside of his comfort zone and experimenting with vegetable based dishes, his most recent experiment was "jackfruit brisket".

·      Loves to make traditional dishes like brisket (with sweet fruits!) he makes a sweet version with dried fruit, a German-inspired version, and Grandma Rae’s version with a blended gravy.

·      He loves to also prepare Tzimmis, a side dish of carrots, sweet potatos, flanken and honey, brown sugar and ginger slow cooked together.

·      Other staples include potato kugel, latkes (potato and sweet potato), kasha varnishkes (using his mom’s recipe), and matzah ball soup. 

·      He makes “Bubbala” his mother Judy’s recipe that is an omelet with beaten egg whites with matzah meal and yolks folded in then baked until puffed. It’s served with sprinkled sugar and a dipping sauce.

·      Wants to be in the challenge because of his passion for Jewish food/tradition and his competitive spirit!