A Resort-Like Modern Marvel


Pool Designer/Builder: Rick Chafey, Build Red Rock

Location: Gilbert, AZ


  • $4 million dollar backyard project and a 30,000 square foot main house

  • Resort style freeform pool

  • Sunken fire pit with seating for 30 people 

  • 600 ton boulder rock waterfall with diving platform

  • 40ft x 10ft Water Wall décor feature with LED lighting

  • 16 automated fire features 

  • 30ft x 10ft Baja shelf with ledge loungers 

  • Dry island for sunbathing with lazy river surround

  • State-of-the-art entertainment including TVs and underwater sound system

  • Full kitchen and swim up bar  

Rick Chafey was called in to design a resort grade backyard. He met and exceeded expectations across the board. The backyard only has one entrance that is hidden behind a wall of Ivy that serves as a secret entrance. Upon entry into the backyard guests are transported to a massive resort like pool and outdoor area. A lazy river, a 600 ton rock mountain, massive light up water features, fire and sitting area for 30. It’s beyond wow-factor. Originally, Rick presented the client with a $400k project and they started construction. The client took a vacation and found inspiration for his pool. After the changes and additions the price of the project escalated to $4 million dollars. This project was one of Rick’s biggest undertakings. He had 100 men working in rotation day and night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The logistics involved in making this pool was a feat unto itself. They had so many cars and people working on the project they had to get traffic permits to direct trucks and cars. The bill for the crane itself was $350k! There are multiple heating systems, an AV system, multiple water pumps, lighting and fire feature systems. The pool has it’s own subterranean room to house all of the pool’s systems and equipment. Rick and his team had to work directly with the tech automation system company to max-out the full range of capabilities that their systems would allow for. This is truly well and beyond one the largest, most complex pools that Rick and his team have created.


The water wall is the focal point of the pool. It is two 40ft x 10ft large walls that have water cascading down lit by a professional grade LED lighting system. The automated fire features light up the pool for the client’s frequent nighttime parties. The dramatic 600-ton boulder rock waterfall and diving platform sits back in it’s own lagoon flanked by the two water walls. In the center of the pool are two bridges leading to a dry island sitting area and the 30ft x 10ft foot Baja shelf is outfitted with ledge loungers. The state-of-the-art electronics set up includes multiple televisions and a sound system that includes underwater speakers so guests swimming can still enjoy the music.