A Natural Living Art Pool


Pool Owner: Matt & Kelly Hoggatt

Pool Designer/Builder: Stone Mason Of Spring - Joe DiPaulo

Location: League City, TX


·      Naturally occurring materials

·      “Tunnel Of Love” that horseshoes around the back of the mountain and enter back into the main pool area

·      Stained glass feature inside of water-cave with flagstone patio floor art-décor pieces

·      4 different waterfalls

·      Stone arch with swim-through waterfall

·      65,000 galloon pool that is nine feet deep at it’s deepest

·      An estimated 100 TONS of rock used in the project

·      Moss rocks and granite used in the building of the pool

·      Elevated spa, with a waterfall that flows into it

·      Fire pit area

·      Sunken bar area and outdoor kitchen

·      25ft high jumping platform


Matt and Kelly have been fantasizing over their dream pool for over a decade. They spent years saving money, finding the perfect home with the perfect backyard, as well as locating the perfect builder before they decided to break ground. And, as the Hoggatt’s aren’t a traditional family, they didn’t want a traditional pool. When they saw Joe’s work they fell in love. Natural boulders, stained glass pieces, realistic looking landscape architecture all combine to make for a backyard pool that is a living art piece. Upon entry into the pool area, visitors see a monolith-like wall of real rocks that boasts two waterfalls with a bridge that leads to an elevated awning area with an elevated spa with a waterfall that flows into the spa. The spa sits perfectly overlooking a community lake that Matt and Kelly live next to. Next to the spa is a fire pit and sitting area that offers incredible lake views as well as a prime view of the pool below. The entire pool features plenty of naturally occurring materials: mostly different stones and plants, with steel rebar and gunite to help the pool hold its shape and to create a foundation. Each tile and rock used in the construction was painstakingly hand-cut and hand-placed through the construction process. There’s a cave area that one can swim in to that boasts a beautiful stained-glass window with a star feature. The same star feature is also mimicked with flagstone in the nearby patio area. Although the home sits on less than an acre, Matt and Kelly are impressed with how Joe maximized the efficiency of space. There’s countless nooks and crannies, sitting areas, ledges and spaces to sit, climb, enjoy and discover. The family is in love with their one-of-a-kind swimming pool.